During the project period, people interested in participating in the LD4PE project can provide assistance in two areas:

  1. Suggesting competency statements (assertions of what a learner of Linked Data should know or be able to do); and
  2. Identifying existing web-accessible learning resource from short recipe videos to large learning units that address one or more Linked Data competencies.

The suggested competency statements are reviewed by the projects Editorial Board as “candidate competencies” for the developing Competency Index for Linked Data. Suggested learning resources are reviewed by the projects content description team (CCT) as candidates for inclusion in the set of resource descriptions used for testing Exploring Linked Data functionality and utility.

  • General questions about participation? Contact Michael Crandall, LD4PE Project PI
  • Questions about participation in creation/assessment of the Linked Data competencies? Contact Tom Baker, Chair, Competency Index Editorial Board
  • Questions about participating in learning resource discovery and description? Contact either Sean Dolan or Marcia Zeng
  • Questions about participating in the project’s technical implementation? Contact Stuart Sutton