Learning Resources in Saved Set: Resources for Data Scientists (22 resources)

Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) RDF Linked Data (beta)

This links to the home page of beta version of the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) data in RDF (Resource Description Framework). The National Library of[...]

Converting LAK Data to R Format

In this video, the presenter demonstrates how to retrieve the LAK (Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining) dataset from the Web and load it into[...]

Semantic Python: Mastering Linked Data with Python

Python offers a very powerful and easy to use library to work with Linked Data: rdflib. RDFLib is a lightweight and functionally complete RDF library,[...]

DBpedia: Visualising Linked Data - Graph of Members of Punk Rock Bands

Using DBpedia, Google Refine, R, and Gephi to play with Linked Data. This tutorial uses data from DBpedia with the aforementioned tools to create visualizations[...]

SPARQL with R in less than 5 minutes

This article describes how to get up and running on the Semantic Web in less than 5 minutes using SPARQL with R. It begins with[...]

Interaction with Linked Data

This module focuses on providing means for exploring Linked Data. In particular, it gives an overview of current visualization tools and techniques, looking at semantic[...]

Using R To Do a SPARQL Query

This video tutorial shows how to use R code (specifically, the "SPARQL" package) to grab the results from a SPARQL query instead of doing it[...]

SPARQL Package for R: Movie Star Graph Visualization Tutorial

The SPARQL Package allows you to directly import results of SPARQL SELECT queries into the statistical environment of R as a data frame, allowing one[...]

Survey of Pythonic Tools for RDF and Linked Data Programming

In this blog post, the author shares his efforts to gather information about all the existing libraries and frameworks for doing RDF programming using Python.[...]

Mining Linked Data: It's All in the Links

Extracting new knowledge from the Web of Data using traditional data mining techniques is challenging for many reasons, including: the rich and complex graph structure;[...]

Visualising The Location Graph With Gephi and Ordnance Survey Linked Data

Building on a previous post, the author shares another example using a SPARQL endpoint to query Linked Open Data and turn the results into a[...]

0 to 60 on SPARQL Queries in 50 Minutes

This webinar provides an introduction to SPARQL, a query language for RDF. Users will gain hands on experience crafting queries, starting simply, but evolving in[...]

Visualising Related Entries in Wikipedia Using Gephi

In this blog post, the author shares how to use the Gephi visualization tool's Semantic Web Import plugin to retrieve data from DBpedia and turn[...]

Data Warehousing, Data Mining & Data Visualisation

This slide presentation explains what a data warehouse is and provides a history of the practice. It discusses the dimensional vs. normalized approach, as well[...]

Data Mining: Concepts and techniques

This presentation defines and explains the need for/benefits of data mining. It describes the KDD process for data cleaning, data integration, data selection, transformation, data[...]

Mining the Web of Linked Data with RapidMiner

Lots of data from different domains is published as Linked Open Data. While there are quite a few browsers for that data, as well as[...]

Finding Useful RDF Data on the Web

The author of this blog post states his opinion that "the world has too many ontologies and not enough useful data for those ontologies to[...]

Open Data Communities Data Catalogue

This is a catalogue of links to over 100 datasets which appear to be complete with in-depth descriptions and metadata. They have been provided by[...]

An Introduction to Wikidata

Describes Wikidata, a "free and open knowledge base" which houses the data formerly located at Google's Freebase. Discusses how Wikidata is well-placed to solve data[...]

From Excel File to RDF with Links to DBpedia and Europeana

This screencast is a step-by-step walk-through showing how to transform Excel tables to RDF data and then link that RDF data to external data sources.[...]

DBPedia SPARQL Endpoint Exercises

This slide tutorial teaches the user how to form SPARQL queries to answer various questions of interest and retrieve results from DBpedia's SPARQL endpoint. In[...]

Using DBPedia

A brief video on DBPedia and SPARQL. Demonstrates how to query DBPedia for useful/interesting questions. Shows not just how to construct SPARQL queries, but also[...]