Learning Resources in Saved Set: Pratices in the DC Workshop (catalog) (4 resources)


RDF (Resource Description Framework) is the data model of the Semantic Web. . In this lesson you will learn: 1) What RDF is and how[...]

Introduction to SPARQL

A simple (yet thorough) introduction to SPARQL query language based on the W3C documentation. Focuses on aspects of the query language present in SPARQL 1.0[...]

SPARQL Tutorial: Data Formats

A brief, text-based tutorial (with diagrams) to be read before using the Jena API to run SPARQL queries. It explains that the data to be[...]

SPARQL Tutorial: A First SPARQL Query

A brief, text-based tutorial demonstrating a simple first query and how to execute it with Apache Jena. Shows how to formulate a simple command line[...]