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Linked Data for Libraries, Archives and Museums: How to clean, link and publish your metadata

This handbook teaches how to unlock the value of existing metadata through cleaning, reconciliation, enrichment and linking, as well as how to streamline the process[...]

An Introduction to Linked Open Data in Libraries, Archives & Museums

This lecture explores the enormous implications of Linked Data for discoverability and interoperability for libraries, archives, and museums, not to mention a dramatic shift in[...]

Europeana: Moving to Linked Data

This article describes the pilot project undertaken by Europeana. Its goal was to replace data societies within the cultural heritage domain with "a distributed information[...]

Linked Archival Metadata: A Guidebook (Version 0.99)

Linked Archival Metadata: A Guidebook provides archivists with an overview of the Linked Data landscape. It begins by defining basic concepts, such as the RDF[...]

Linked Open Data and Cultural Heritage

This talk provides an overview of principles and methods of Linked Open Data (LOD) and discusses advantages as well as challenges of adopting a Linked[...]

Best Practice Recipes for Publishing RDF Vocabularies

This document describes best practice recipes for publishing an RDF Schema or OWL vocabulary or ontology on the Web. The features of each recipe are[...]

Publishing Legacy Data as Linked Data

This screencast describes how to publish legacy data as Linked Data using a variety of tools. First, a CSV file is imported to Google Refine.[...]

Design and Manage Persistent URIs

Slide presentation used as part of a training module aiming to answer the following questions: What is a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI); Why is URI[...]

Providing Linked Data

This module covers the whole spectrum of Linked Data production and exposure. After a grounding in the Linked Data principles and best practices, with special[...]


Despite the title, this resource covers more territory than simply expressing RDF in the XML serialization. It also gives a basic description of the RDF[...]

Practical Work in Linked Data Using Digital Collections: Unleashing the Expressivity of Data

The UNLV Linked Data Project provides a case study of the complex topic of Linked Open Data, from an emerging concept in librarianship to practical[...]