Learning Resources in Saved Set: Resources for Catalogers (13 resources)

The Academy Unbound Linked Data as Revolution

Much has been said about Linked Data, its ties to the Semantic Web, and its application for libraries, but what is it exactly and how[...]

Linked Data Patterns

This resource is a pattern catalogue for modelling, publishing, and consuming Linked Data which adopts a tried and tested means of communicating knowledge and experience[...]

Metadata Crosswalks

This slide presentation focuses on search interoperability, which the author defines as the "ability to perform a search over diverse sets of metadata records to[...]

BIBFRAME Training at the Library of Congress: Introduction to the Semantic Web and Linked Data

This resource was developed by the Library of Congress as one part of a pilot training project which tested the use of BIBFRAME for bibliographic[...]

Linked Data at the National Library of Sweden

This talk explains how LIBRIS, the National Library of Sweden's union catalog, has been linked via an interface to RDF datasets. The first speaker discusses[...]

An Introduction to RDF Schema

This slide presentation discusses RDF Schema, including classes, sub-classes, and instances. Concepts such as domain and range, datatypes and literals, labels and comments are also[...]

Free Your Metadata: Clean up your metadata

A brief tutorial containing both a screencast and text instructions for cleaning an example dataset (from the Powerhouse Museum) using Open Refine (formerly Google Refine).[...]

Joining the Linked Data Cloud in a Cost-Effective Manner

Linked Data holds the promise to derive additional value from existing data throughout different sectors, but practitioners currently lack a straightforward methodology and the tools[...]

The Vocabulary Mapping Framework (VMF): An Introduction v1.0

This document provides an introduction to the structure and development of the Vocabulary Mapping Framework (VMF) up to the end of the first stage of[...]

Publishing Relational Databases as Linked Data

These slides appear to have been used for a course in Database Management Systems at the University of Toronto, but contain material which the creator[...]

Multi-Agent and Semantic Web Systems: RDF Data Structures

This slide presentation of lecture material was used as part of a course given at The University of Edinburgh School of Informatics. This lecture reviews[...]

SKOS in a Nutshell

Overview of SKOS, in which the presenter asserts that SKOS is not a competitor of RDF Schema or OWL but an application of RDF Schema[...]

SPARQL vs. SQL - Intro

This lesson compares the SPARQL and SQL query languages, which are designed to query RDF and relational data, respectively. It is designed for those who[...]